Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Pic of the Day

I'm choosing to read this picture from behind-the-scenes of Vanity Fair's new Hollywood Issue cover shoot (via) as Benedict Cumberbatch having moments before insisted upon a look at Oscar Isaac's so-called "surprisingly chunky bum" and realizing, with an "Oooh damn girl," that it is indeed a surprisingly chunky bum, indeed. That's how I am choosing to read this picture.


dk468 said...

my very ladylike, dainty reaction to the cover:
whoa what is this vile crappy ageist dung heap? you see, this is the year of Julianne Moore! too old to be among these "spring chickens"?
who has that ugly foul mouthed eurotrash Shitella Shittsburg Miller blown now?
that ridiculously overhyped way overprivileged spawn of vicious slaveowners (we are talking about plantation in Barbados) still looks like a skinned cat! colored eh? Bentdick CumbersomeBITCH, your bloody film turned Turing
into a Commie, to degay the plot..shame on you!

Probably miles teller of whiplash is the only exciting thing in this photo! the overexposure of Amy Adams is by now a crime against humanity.

Reese darling, the only thing that will make you relevant here is, a tell all about your ex'es penis! yes, dear we all want to sleep with Ryan Phillippe. so we need to know what we are getting into before we do! lol

Anonymous said...

hey that chunky bum is pure jewish fat bottom mom's always feeding me chubass. yum