Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I Am Link

--- A Hand For Jobs - Danny Boyle Steve Jobs bio-pic, starring everybody's favorite snake-charmer Michael Fassbender, has gotten its release date - it'll be out on October 9th of this year. It's so fast! They are of course filming right now, we've been keeping track (here are some pics we poster on Tumblr yesterday in fact) - this seems like a great date; not crammed in the late-late end-of-year glut of awards season too badly. Let's hope Fassy's his usual awesome self.

--- He's It - I'm no good with watching video interviews when I'm at work (aka all the time), I wish they transcribed what's said so I could just read it, but here's an interview with Cary Fukunaga at Slate in which he talks about All Things Fukunaga, meaning True Detective and his adaptation of Stephen King's book It. And probably braids and hair product.

--- Dark Abstinence - Somehow I missed the fact that Mitchell Lichtenstein, the director of the terrific Teeth, had made a second movie (something called Happy Tears in 2009) much less a third, which is screening in Berlin this weekend - this third one's called Angelica and it stars Jena Malone as a chick in merry ol' Victorian England dealing with abstinence and the supernatural; The Playlist has a bunch of pictures and clips from it. This sounds right in the Teeth sweet-spot to me. Any of you see Happy Tears?

--- New Old Thing - I don't know why they're sharing this stuff right now, except for the fact that there's never a bad moment to reflect upon John Carpenter's remake of The Thing I guess, but The Playlist gathered up some rare footage from the movie - a teaser trailer, some deleted scenes, and an alternate ending. I don't think that I've seen any of these myself. (And I justr ealized they're probably sharing this stuff now because of the Carpenter retrospective in Brooklyn, duh.)

--- Touch Screen - Apparently the first trailer for the Poltergeist remake with Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt will be online tomorrow, but for now Slash shares the first batch of pictures, and sure enough there's a little girl pressing her hands on a fuzzed-out TV screen.

--- Slash For Satan - I told you the other day that Final Girl is doing a VHS Week, reviewing a buncha fun and random, random and fun, horror movies; since then two more reviews have popped up - one of the Boreanez-stuffed slasher Valentine (which I somehow still have never seen) and one of the 1974 lesbo-vampire flick Nude For Satan, which I mean how can you resist with that title?
--- Lady Hedwig - TimeOut talked to John Cameron Mitchell about his triumphant return to Hedwig on Broadway and amongst the things we learn is he thinks Justin Timberlake and Tilda Swinton should follow him in the role (I say that I'm over Justin Timberlake but I'd totally love to see him in those little black shorts at the end of the show, I can't lie), and also that the sequel he's been working on is on hold because he's busy dammit.

--- The Old In And Out - Speaking of TimeOut, their London magazine apparently compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Sex Scenes in movies, which The Playlist sums up at this link (but you can click here for the full thing) - the only thing I can really pay any attention to though is the fact that apparently there's a writer for TimeOut London named Tom Huddleston. Really?

--- Snyder Man - Just because he looks handsome in it here's a new picture of Zack Snyder on the set of Batman V Superman (it's probably Wayne Manor he's standing in) - I was Team Zack longer than a lot of people seemed to be but that piece-o-crap Man of Steel broke me; I hope he can right the wrongs of that movie this time around... although, you know, the whole Affleck barf-fest isn't exactly my cuppa.

--- Bad Dudes - Nathaniel's picked his favorite villains of 2014 over at The Film Experience, head over there to see but make sure you bring a nice big fresh bowl of worms with you, you're gonna need it. Also at that link is Nat's round-up of fun tweets that he's been doing weekly as of late, which I love.


joel65913 said...

Happy Tears wasn't that great but it did star Parker Posey. Oh and Billy Magnussen hanging in the air full frontal naked for a minute or you know there's that.

Jason Adams said...

Oh shit that was that movie? I know those pictures, I have posted those pictures, of Billy. Thx Joel!

Anonymous said...

Ed Stoppard in Angelica. Full frontal. VERY impressive.