Friday, February 27, 2015

I Am Link

--- Queens Scream - I've been especially scattered this week with my brains bouncing from one thing not to the next but the next next (I think I've been fighting off, so far successfully, a bit of a cold, and that's where my energies have all been aiming themselves, honestly) but if I was on ym death-bed that still wouldn't be a valid excuse for me not to link to Interview Magazine's conversation between Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis because oh my god Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis!!! Let's pretend they never made that shitty Kristen Bell movie together that one time, though. (thanks Mac)

--- Hinx Off - A lot of these links are actually a couple of days old though, so you've probably already seen Empire magazine's cover with Daniel Craig for the new Bond movie, and you've probably already seen the picture inside the magazine of Dave Bautista as the movie's bad guy (called Hinx), but I'm still gonna link over to it because Dave looks hot.

--- Rock Hard - And I believe these pictures are from the same magazine - some new shots of the new Fantastic Four were released, and Jamie Bell, pre-Thingening, looks typically adorable. I'm so sad he'll be covered up by CG rock for most of that movie. What a waste! In related news I saw the FF trailer on a big screen earlier this week and weirdly it played worse than it did watching it on my computer. The effects were more noticeably shabby, I guess.

--- Killer Doll - This is such a bizarre story, if true - apparently the Terminator in the new Terminator movie will have a Ken-doll like crotch-mound where his man-parts would normally be. It's how they're getting away with the franchise-usual teleported nudity scene and keeping the movie family-friendly. because a Terminator movie should be family-friendly! I believe they're just talking about the CG Arnold robot though? There had best not be a shot of a dickless Jai Courtney. We know he fills out his briefs.

--- Proper Lady - A trio of new pictures of Cate Blanchett in Todd Haynes' Carol have popped up and sure enough, Cate Blanchett in Todd Haynes' Carol is to die to die to die for. Carol is Haynes' take on Patricia Highsmith's book The Price of Salt, an adaptation we've been crowing about for probably a decade or so now. We are looking forward to it very much!

--- The Next One - It's not much info but in an interview with Jonny Greenwood he talks a little bit about where he and the Radiohead gang are right now with regards to working on their next album; he says they've played stuff through once, and next they'll start going back through and re-working it, but that they're in a really good spot right now. Good! 

--- Small Screen Big Talent - The next great actress of a certain age being forced to turn to TV for an interesting role is the great Joan Allen - she's going to make an as-of-yet untitled thriller for ABC about a politician's son who returns ten years after having been presumed murdered, and the fall out from all that drama. I hope it is good enough for Joan. The adorable (and ample-bummed) Zach Gilford is playing the son.

--- Pretty Girl - The first picture of Eddie Redmayne as The Danish Girl is online and shocking nobody Eddie looks just fine in female accoutrement. The Danish Girl is about Lili Eibe, who got sex reassignment surgery in Germany in the 1930s, and the fall-out from that. I'm curious to see how Eddie walks the transgender tightrope later this year, after Jared Leto pissed so many people off; seeing as Eddie's about a billion times more sincere-seeming, I think he'll probably do a better job.

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