Thursday, February 05, 2015

Good Morning, World

I have really got to go back and re-watch Wilde sometime; I don't think I've seen it since it came out in 1997 and besides the ever-present prime-Jude-Law factor I'd totally forgotten that Michael Sheen was even in it. I probably didn't even know who Michael Sheen was in 1997 now that I think about it - looking at his earlier roles there's only Mary Reilly (oh my god now there's something that deserves a re-watch!) that I might've seen him in. Now of course thanks to a steady stream of awesomeness leading up to and including Masters of Sex he's one of my faves. Michael's turning 46 years old today so a happy one to him, and let's see what we're spanking after the jump with a lil' 28 year old nudity of his (that is he is 28 here; the movie is only 18, barely legal, now)...

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pierce said...

Michael Sheen played Robbie Ross, who is buried with Oscar Wilde at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. The monument is a beautiful Art Deco Egyptian angel. It has plexiglas surrounding it, because the chemicals in lipstick were ruining the stone. People were kissing (aka defacing) it, and it's a national monument, so the plexiglas is now full of kisses, which looks alarmingly gross.