Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Dreyer's Legacy of Chrome-Domed Dames

The great director Carl Theodor Dreyer was born in Copenhagen 116 years ago today - abandoned by his birth parents he spent his first few years in orphanages until he was adopted; at the age of 15 he came into film-making the same way that Hitchcock did, by designing title cards for silent films. He eventually moved to France and became friends with Jean Cocteau and Jean Hugo, as one did at that time I guess, and made one of the great masterpieces of cinema, 1928's The Passion of Joan of Arc.

For a brief moment I considered pitting famous baldie Maria Falconetti against somebody more recent in a bald lady birthday bash in Carl's honor, but Maria would clearly trounce the competition just like she's been doing for nearly a century, so let's set at odds two of her stark-pated descendants instead.


Anonymous said...

Sigourney in Alien3.

das buut said...

Anonymous beat me to it, but Sigourney, hands down.

dk468 said...

I had a chance to meet Falconetti's daughter who attended a screening of La passion.. at that now gone art house in Berkeley, which was run by two awesome lesbian women, about 15 years ago.

Someone really should make a movie out of Dryer's Jesus screenplay.
Lars Von Trier, you already did his Medea, so we are still relying on you.