Thursday, February 05, 2015

Come On Keanu, You Know What I Mean

Does anybody else feel as if there might be a coming Keanussaince ahead for us? It's not this year - I don't think Eli Roth's Knock Knock will right the ship - but he is coming off surprise good reviews for John Wick (which is a little inexplicable to me; I watched that movie a week ago and remember literally nothing about it already) and news of an about-to-be green-lit sequel for it, and now he's joined the cast of Nicolas Winding Refn's next movie. Granted this is The Neon Demon, which is supposed to be all about the women, so I'm assuming Keanu's role will be off-center, but still. Knock him all you want for his, you know, limited skills, I've always found him a welcome presence on-screen, and he just seems like a hard guy to dislike off-screen. I like him being a movie star. He can keep it up, if he wants. Although I'd like Winona Ryder to be a movie star again, as well. I guess it's time for Bram Stoker's Dracula 2!


dk468 said...

at this rate I doubt there'll be any Keanu renaissance. I strongly disapprove of that vile torture porn scoundrel jew.
That Danish dick is also pretty crazy.

Keanu doll you should go sucker up to Terrence Malick or something.

John said...

John Wick was horrible.

billybil said...

I have also always liked Mr. Reeves. He certainly isn't like everybody else, is he? And some of his choices as an actor have certainly been "different" but I've enjoyed most of them. And I'm sorry - he can deliver when asked to. And I think he's cute and sexy and that's probably why I'm so forgiving. So sue me. And I enjoyed JOHN WICK too. Non stop crazy ass action with some real finesse. Sorry John, but I think you're wrong. :-)

John said...

I liked Point Break and that has been made fun of over the years. I also liked The Devil's Advocate and his naked ass scenes. You can have your opinion BilyBil, that's ok. I just don't think John Wick is one of his best. Maybe he did it for the money, I don't know.