Monday, February 16, 2015

I Am Link

--- Jason Goes To Heaven - Michael Bay's remake-factory Platinum Dunes decided that this past Friday, aka Friday the 13th, was a good day to update on the next movie they're working on in that series - unfortunately producer Brad Fuller once again proved he's terrible at his job and rambled on about nonsense proving he knows nothing about which he speaks. Listen dude, I get it, you just wanna make money off the cheap property that's always worth a buck. But don't present your opinions as if you're some kind of expert if you clearly can't be bothered. Just shut the fuck up. Goddamn. The series has dealt with Jason's supernatural side a thousand times. You are not a unique butterfly.

--- It Bleeds - Apparently February is "Women In Horror" Month (I almost just said "Every month is Women In Horror Month!" but then I worried you'd think I was making a period joke so I stopped myself) and Flavorwire gathered together a nice little collection of current female horror filmmakers talking about you know, being ladies and making horror movies. 

--- The Age of July - I've only skimmed this so far but The New York Review of Books has a loving piece on the career so far of Miranda July up, rummaging through everything she's done entertainment-wise (her two movies, her short story collection, and her just released first novel called The First Bad Man) for themes.I finished TFBM last week and I think July struggles a little bit with length - it sometimes feels like disconnected short-stories about the same group of characters - but there are some really moving passages in the specific strange way of her voice.

--- Super Body Horror - Collider asked David Cronenberg what he thinks about Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four movie being described, by Trank himself, as Cronenbergian body horror, and Cronenberg takes the opportunity to talk about how Dan O'Bannon ripped him off while writing the Alien script, again.

--- Dying Princes - I'm getting so freaked out about the escalation of news about how the next season of A Game of Thrones is totally going to dick over us book readers - first George R.R. Martin was all "Eff you guys, I'm not finishing the next book any time this year," and now GRRM's all, "Yeah you guys need to be prepared for a bunch of folks to die in this season of the show that you aren't expecting. I know there's no point to me stopping watching the show, I'm too soaked in pop culture to remain unspoiled about it until he finishes the damn books, but this is torturous.

--- Big Routh - Everything Brandon Routh has to say in this interview about his role at The Atom on Arrow and having previously played gay on that Partners show is pleasant enough and everything but I feel like I've read so many of these interviews with actors talking about wearing tight superhero costumes and how gay people should totally get married and so on that I guess I just need you to try harder, Brandon Routh. (thanks Mac)

--- She's No Angel - Although I liked Steven Soderbergh's movie Haywire and I found her effectively used, the best performance that Gina Carano's yet given was as "Henry Cavill's girlfriend" and that wasn't very convincing either, so we'll see how she does starring opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. She's playing a mutant called Angel Dust. I forgot that Deadpool was in an X-Men movie and part of that universe.

--- And Finally, apparently there was a reading of a play called The Dodgers on Broadway last week which starred, amongst others, Billy Magnussen and Finn Wittrock, kaboom. There are some pictures from it over here, including that shot below. (thanks Mac) So how does one get tickets to these things? I need to know when these things are happening!

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