Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Which Horror Evan Is Hottest?

The actor Evan Peters is turning 28 today, and with the fourth season of American Horror Story coming to a close tomorrow night it seems timely to take stock of the four characters he's played. In Season One, retroactively named Murder House once they realized they were using new locations every year, he was Tate Langdon, school shooter slash dark n' stormy love-boat. In the second season Aslyum, he was Kit Walker, whose ass was always in jeopardy be it from slaphappy nuns or outer-space aliens. 

In the third season Coven he was Franken-Kyle, a stitched-together frat-boy made from the finest quality bits. And this year for Freak Show he's been Jimmy Darling, the lobster-pawed boy-wonder. 

But of these four...
And happy birthday, Evan!

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