Friday, January 09, 2015

The Princes of Darkness

We've expressed our enthusiasm about this project a couple of times now, and since two batches of news have hit regarding it today I figure we'll post them even though we're inching towards the door for the weekend - Tales of Halloween is that anthology movie about you guessed it Halloween night, which has gathered some great directors for its segments, amongst them Neil Marshall, Paul Solet (he made the memorably creepy vampire-baby movie Grace), and Lucky "May" McKee...

... well Twitch has info on all the directors, all the segments, and the entire cast - as for the latter there are some fun names in there, including yes the terribly attractive Sam Witwer, seen here pursing his pretty lips to Hell and back, but also James Duval, Keir Gilchrist (where the heck has he been lately?), Clare "GLORY" Kramer, Lin Shaye... oh and ADRIENNE BARBEAU. Hells yeah! As for the second thing, there's an interview with neil Marshall over here where he talks about the process of setting up the project, and hints that his segment is sort of similar to Gremlins, at least in tone. I am so on-board for this thing!

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