Thursday, January 08, 2015

Speaking Of Crazy Hot People

For Halloween this year here at MNPP we celebrated the beauty of scary bloody beefcake with shots of some of our favorite fellas doused down in the good gore; that had been inspired by the recent episode of American Horror Story involving Finn Wittrock, Matt Bomer, two pairs of tighty-whities and a whole lotta Karo syrup. 

But it's hardly something new for us - what better sight's ever been captured on celluloid than a hosed-down Christian Bale wearing only a pair of sneakers and a chainsaw?

Anyway as you can see Jonathan Tucker, oh Jonathan Tucker, you're killing us here. Killing us! We thought that personalized invite to the set of his show Kingdom would do us in, but these pictures are finishing us off... as it were.

And he's reminding me that in that Halloween post I should've included a picture of JT on his series Black Donnellys because there's a scene involving tighty-whities & blood there that definitely caught our eye.

And of course there was that scene on Hannibal with Jonathan and Mads Mikkelsen having their heavily-stylized sweaty bloody crucifixion underpants party, too. 

Point being, I am not alone! We are legion. This photo-shoot's via here; I must find a copy of this ADON magazine to own of my own, I tell ya. It, all of it, must be mine. (And now we know where that picture of Jonathan covered in blood in just his underwear came from that we posted last month! It was this photo-shoot! Another wonderful, wonderful mystery solved.)

In related news, it was announced yesterday that Jonathan's going to be on a few episodes of Justified this season, too! (thanks Mac) Him and Timothy Olyphant on one screen - goodness, goodness, gracious, me. Everything's coming up Tucker.


J.D. said...

oh my god! he is f-ing gorgeous. Please, if you have any more pictures let me know, lol.

Sandisan said...

"Hot bloody men" is a thing I can get into! I recently re-watched American Psycho and that is just peak Bale right there.