Friday, January 23, 2015

Sansa Is An X-Man

Yesterday Bryan Singer officially announced via Twitter the casting of the three young X-Men we've been hearing whispers about for a few weeks - Game of Thrones' sad sad Sansa Stark, Sophie Turner, seen above working her best Dark Phoenix blow-out, will play Jean Grey. I think she's fab casting and I hope I hope I hope with the power of a thousand exploding planets that the movie series gets around to doing that characters story right and I can totally see Turner knocking it outta the park. As I've mentioned before when talking about the show I hated Sansa on the page but Turner's performance turned out to be quite possibly my favorite on the screen - she (and the writers of course) worked magic with a difficult, difficult character. 

As for Cyclops aka Scott Summers (aka the one that James Marsden played half-heartedly) it's Tye Sheridan, who's already worked with more present-day auteurs in his 19 years on Earth than any 19 year old has any right to - you know him from The Tree of Life and Mud and David Gordon green's Joe, and he was totally good in all of them. (I hated Tree of Life and wasn't a big fan of Mud either but it certainly wasn't his fault.)

And we come to the new Storm. I'm sad they went way younger than Lupita Nyong'o, she was my dream, but hey we're getting rid of Halle Berry so it's a day for celebration. This girl's name if Alexandra Shipp, she's been rumored for the past few weeks, but she's relatively untested at this point - I guess she played Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie. 

Anyway the best of luck to all three of these folks - I adore the X-Men, I really do, and I want good X-Men movies for the rest of my days. And I hope one or all of you get to fuck Michael Fassbender, because nobody should be denied that honor.

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