Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Row Row Row Your Blog

MNPP is on Facebook now!

Go on and head over there and like our page and together we'll pretend it's 2006 or whenever the hell doing such a thing would've been relevant. I'm still figuring out linking the blog with the page so we'll see how it goes; I'm not the most technically savvy fella for somebody who sits online all day long. (Any advice would be welcomed! Thanks!)


eL said...

Awesome! So now I'm following you on twitter, tumblr, Facebook & of course the website. Am I missing anything? ��

Jason Adams said...

I was tempted to joke and say Grindr, but that's totally inappropriate! ;)

I think that's everything! Thanks for all the follow-love!

Athayde said...

Done! If you need any help, just yell! =D

Now that I'm here, i need to say - I Love the blog! You do an amazing job! And thanks, of course.