Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mechad Brooks On The Metropolis Beat

Well that's what you think of when you think of Jimmy Olsen, right? No no I'm not being snarky about the "turning him black" thing, I could give a shit about that - I'm snarking on the six no eight no twelve pack stomach and mountainous bosoms, natch. Jimmy Olsen, uber-nerd, is now Mechad Brooks, body by Michelangelo.

Slash has the news that Brooks has joined the Supergirl show as the formerly ginger boy-reporter - I might be less inclined to snark if I'd been able to stand Brooks on True Blood, but I couldn't -- I hated his character with the power of infinite suns. I suppose we'll see if it was just the character or if it was the actor once Supergirl flies in - I haven't seen him on anything else. It does look like they put him to good use on that football show he was on though.


JB said...

Say what you want about Mechad - but that man has a chest (and abs)of a god! For me - he's mouthwatering.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just the character on True Blood, I've seen him in several other things and he's a lousy actor. Unfortunately, he seems to just get decent roles thrown at him for being extremely hot.

J.D. said...

His body is gold. No questions asked.