Friday, January 16, 2015

Looking For Sean Maher

First off, how did I now know until right now that our Firefly boyfriend Sean Maher has got an Instagram account? Besides the fact that I'm a clueless ass, of course. Immediate follow! Second off, two months ago Sean posted a picture from the set of Looking. Looking! Sean Maher was on the set of Looking! He's not listed on IMDb but if Sean Maher shows up on Looking I am going to be very very excited. Speaking of exciting...

... look it's Sean & Casper Van Dien sitting very very close to one another. Sean also posted this picture; it's from the set of something called ISRA-88, a science-fiction movie, one which will never ever live up to all the fantasies that picture's got coursing through my brain right now. And speaking of fantasies...

... now I'm just posting pictures I'm finding online cuz why not. That's Sean with fellow Whedonverse alum Tahmoh Penikett, of course. Why aren't I nestled in that picture's middle, that's all I want to know. Not nice, you guys.

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