Friday, January 30, 2015

Joel McHale Has A Beard

Why am I just finding out that Joel McHale's got a beard?

I guess it's my own fault, since 
I fell off with my Soup watching.

But you'd think one of you assholes 
would've told me! Assholes!


sissyinhwd said...

and a hair piece

Sandisan said...

Yah, I watch The Soup, but the lighting or something on that set does not flatter him. Not that he could ever be ugly, he's just not at optimal hotness.

Anonymous said...

I wanted some pec pics? where are them pec pics? His pecs are amazing. Did i mention his pecs already? pecs!

Jason Adams said...

If you scroll thru our Joel McHale tag you'll find plenty 'o pecs, Anon!

Joey said...

Joel McHale has my heart