Friday, January 30, 2015

James Norton Twenty-Two Times

Okay I need to know everything you people know 
about this actor James Norton right this second! Tell me!

I never got around to writing anything about the movie Belle (which was terrific, by the way) but it was the show Grantchester, upon which he apparently plays some kind of swoony vicar, that tossed him in front of me not once not twice but thrice today, in totally separate and unrelated instances.

Making it clear that there's some James Norton floating in the air right now, and I want in on it. So tell me what you know (like maybe about how he's got a fetish for bloggers whose feet are really sweaty right now) and then hit the jump for 17 more pictures!


Bill Carter said...

Check out "Happy Valley," a 2014 BBC1 6-episode series available on Netflix. In its year-end round-uo, "The Guardian" called it the best series of the year, and star Sarah Lancashire looks like a probable BAFTA "Best Actress" winner. "Happy Valley" is a police procedural, but this time the damaged anti-hero is a grandmother instead of an alcoholic burn-out.

James Norton is anything but an Anglican priest in this one. He's a drug dealer, a rapist, a kidnapper, and a violent ex-con.

He's also very, very hot.

Roark said...

In this week's Grantchester he briefly strolls around in a towel, and it is magnificent. That scene is around 25 minutes into the episode, fyi. I like the show, and he is 100% swoon worthy in it.

Sandisan said...

I don't know anything about him (apart from the obvious HAWT) but I'm so very happy you discovered him! He was very good on Happy Valley, but mighty creepy. Much more fun to ogle him on Grantchester. His cop buddy on there is also quite attractive.

billybil said...

Yes - Roark is right - this guy is VERY swoon worthy on GRANTCHESTER. I haven't missed an episode yet. And all the women eye him and want him and he gives them this look like he knows they do but they don't have even an iota of a hope of getting him - all except his best friend (who's a girl) who visits him in his new parish for weekend picnics. I won't tell you more because you need to start watching from episode one. And now that I've heard about Happy Valley I really need to watch that because, quite frankly, seeing Norton on Grantchester first, it is really fantastic to think about him being a rapist, kidnapper and violent ex-con. HAWT!!

Anonymous said...

OK: let's get this cleared up shall we...?
Is JN a blonde, redhead, induced bottle-blended?

Fred Andersen said...

You must check out the film “Bonobo” in which Mr. Norton plays a member of a suburban commune. His first appearance finds him doing yoga outside...totally naked! It isn’t “graphic nudity” but, oh my! (His co-star is Tessa Peake-Jones who plays his landlady in “Grantchester”.)