Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Am Link

--- Honk Honk -  It's been so long since this got started I'd forgotten it was even a thing, but maybe you remember there was that short film that got some buzz online a few years ago about a father putting on a clown suit for his kid's birthday party only to find the suit possessed or whatever - well Eli Roth was a fan and helped produce a full-length version, which is getting released in the UK in March and there are a bunch of images (gross images) from the movie over here. Instead of posting those gross pictures there's a shirtless gayish shot of Eli (no idea where this came from) cuz why not, it's better than clowns.

--- Gimme Something Good To Eat - The director of the really-marvelous and underrated Canadian horror flick Pontypool has a new movie playing Sundance - it's called Hellions and it's about a teenager being tormented by a trio of malevolent trick-r-treaters on Halloween night; Robert Patrick plays the cop who comes to his aid. BD has got a few images from the movie as well as a clip.

--- Mulder's Down - David Duchovny told USA Today he's super down with making some more X-Files, and that it'll probably be "sooner rather than later," but he also cautions that he has no interest in doing an old-fashioned full season type thing, no 22 episode run, so don't expect that. Does anybody expect that sort of thing anymore? it seems like only canned-laugh sitcoms have that sort of episode run nowadays.

--- Dook For The Win - I got to go on and on about The Babadook to some folks at dinner last night who didn't know anything about the movie at all; I was totally in my element! Two drinks in and excitable horror speak! It was similar to this piece at EW talking about what a shit-fest it is that the movie was never gonna get any Oscar love, actually. (thanks Mac)

--- The Duke's Tears - If you missed my rave about Peter Strickland's new movie The Duke of Burgundy yesterday read it here; The Playlist got Strickland to talk about his influences and natch several Fassbinders (Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant and Martha and Fox and His Friends) are name-checked.

--- Good N Greasy - Speaking of The Duke of Burgundy the production company behind that film is teaming up with Elijah Wood's production company to make something called The Greasy Strangler, which is a title that I kinda can't stop giggling over. One of the directors from The ABCs of Death will direct. The thing I find especially funny about this announcement though is it comes with a cartoony Mondo-type poster attached - we've reach peak movie-art, people.

--- Homicide Squad - Because the universe wants to torment me from all sides with the horror that is Ben Affleck now he's apparently cramming his lame ass into the Suicide Squad movie, tipping the scales away from the goodness of maybe-Jake-Gyllenhaal and definitely Jai Courtney towards the shitty Will Smith and Jared Leto end of the scales.

--- And Finally the line-up for the New Directors New Films series - that's where I saw The Babadook last Spring! - that the Film Society of Lincoln Center and MoMA put on every year was announced today and there are a couple of movies I've already had on my must-watch list - there's White God, the dog-fighting movie that got a great reception at Cannes and there's the horror-flick Goodnight Mommy, which I've posted about before, and which sounds right up my alley.

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