Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I Am Link, Part Two

We're playing catch-up today! Earlier this afternoon we posted some links to some junk that'd caught our eyeballs over the holly holidays; well la-di-da here are some more. 

--- Desert Fetish - A nice little batch of new stills from Mad Max Fury Road were released (thanks Mac) that give us a good look at not just the usual suspects - hi Tom Hardy, and hi Charlize's missing arm! - but also hey look it's a close-up of some of the big bulky muscle-men in those typically weird Mad-Maxian leather get-ups, holla. I'm already going to be annoyed if Fury Road doesn't get an Oscar nomination next year for costume design.

--- The Sound & The Furry - I suppose I shouldn't be surprised hearing from people who've seen it that American Sniper is a rah-rah propaganda-fest, coming as it does from a maniac who conversed with an empty chair one time, but I still feel kinda guilty blah-blahing about the movie so much (ogling BCoop's furry business not once but twice yesterday alone)... like maybe I should donate some money to an anti-war group every time I wanna think about beefy Bradley's beard or something. Whatcha gonna do, I'm only so strong, and quotes like this from interviews with Brad aren't helping my liberal resolve, wherein he talks a bunch about his muscles with big words like "fucking strong as a motherfucker." He makes me feel so Republican and dirty.

--- Dance Man - Our pal Nathaniel got to chat with Cheyenne Jackson for Towleroad, making us very jealous, about his new movie with Gena Rowlands (oh and also the terrific Love is Strange, which is out on blu-ray now, watch it!) and the most jealous inducing bit is when Cheyenne talks about picturing him in his underwear, which I mean, who needs to be told to picture Cheyenne in his underwear? We're all already doing that, Cheyenne.

--- Sassy Lives - I could probably offer a million links to thought-pieces that I read over the break on the second season of The Comeback, which ended its second season run with me in a puddle of tears on the sofa - I read enough to fill an entire post. But let's keep it relatively brief - here's a nice piece at IndieWire examining the show as a response to TV's male antiheroes (thanks mac), here's my pal Sean making some good points criticizing some of the final episode for Rolling Stone, and here's a chat with Lisa Kudrow where she seems to leave the door open for a third season, even despite the low low low ratings the show got.

--- Bond Mountain -The Daily Mail has a bunch of pictures of Daniel Craig on the set of the next Bond movie Spectre, but there's nothing racy - he's all bundled up in winter clothes or seaman gear - and not the good semen! Sigh. But there are a couple funny shots of him and the muscle-mountain Dave Bautista standing beside each other, which will do, fantasy-wise, for a minute or ten.

--- Wild Child - The Comeback ended pretty perfectly; if that's it, I will survive, which reminds me of how I felt at he end of the second season of Mike White's show Enlightened - it stuck the landing, so if that's all she wrote, I will survive. (Yes I keep using that phrase on purpose; picture Valeria dancing y'all!) Aaaanyway that's my rambling lead-up to linking to this interview with Laura Dern (you remember her, she's my BFF?) which is mostly about Wild but I love the part where she talks about whether she'll ever let her kids see Wild at Heart or not. (thanks Mac)

--- Killer Can Do - I don't really know how Broadway works (I know that surprises you) so the news that Benjamin Walker is going to do a "workshop" version of the American Psycho musical - he was cast as Patrick Bateman in the off-B'way version that got canceled when they moved it to B'way proper, you may recall - makes me think that Ben will be hanging on for the new bigger iteration? But I guess we'll see. I hope so anyway!

--- Dark Sided, Again - You see why I'll never catch up with all these links? Just a couple of hours ago I posted news of Daredevil and Charlie Cox, and before I'd even hit the publish button there's newer news to share - the show has a release date! Netflix will release the entire first season on April 10th! I should probably take that day off and buy a lot of frozen pizza.

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