Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I Am Link, Part One

As I told you yesterday, I've been sitting on a ton of links; instead of doing one endless post, I'm splitting this up into a couple. Some of these are rather old; they were gathered over the holiday and I'm just now getting to them. But hey maybe you missed them because you were deep-throating some figgy pudding. It happens. Onward!

--- Dark Sided - EW chatted with the show-runner of Netflix's Daredevil series and got some tidbits about how the show fits into Marvel's over-all thing they got going on; he says that while the series will be darker and rougher than what we're used to seeing from the studio it won't have "extreme graphic violence, gratuitous nudity or anything like that" - boo! Boo! This is Charlie Cox we're talking about, fools! Gratuitous Nudity's what his furry little ass was made for!
--- See A Penny - The first teaser for the second season of Showtime's wonderful Penny Dreadful made its way online; not much to see save glimpses of all our beloved freaks, but that's plenty to remind me of the quick deep love I built up for this show during its first batch of episodes. Hopefully next season revisits Josh Harnett's naked gay tendencies; and I'd like it if they roped in Dr. Frankenstein this time around! (But really it's like 90% All About Eva Green.)

--- Matt To Matt - This is really long so I haven't read it yet but it's a conversation for Interview Magazine between Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys, so of course I will be reading this when I get the chance. I'm sure there's some yapping about the less-than-stellar Imitation Game going on but we can skim that, as long as we imagine these two sexy actors talking to each other with their lips only centimeters apart.

--- Black Magic - In an interview with some magazine model-turned-actor (turned stripper-actor) Tyson Beckford, who's the big poppa behind the upcoming "Black Magic Mike" movie Chocolate City (previously posted about here) says he doesn't really like the Magic Mike comparisons (whatever dude, embrace it) because black and white strip-clubs are like totally different. He also says that gay folks (gay men, I mean) will be accounted for in Chocolate City, so that's something to look forward to.

--- Top Dollar - Radiohead is supposed to be in the studio working on their next album these days, but that's not keeping front-man Thom Yorke from making some news. He released a new song over the break, you can find that here; and also the mathematicians put on their serious glasses and lab-coats and figured out that he probably personally made something like 20 million bucks releasing his last solo record via torrent. Lordy my boy is a rich man.

--- Post Mount - I don't know if Brokeback Mountain author Annie Proulx has bothered to clear up these confusing quotes of hers since making them but she made some headlines saying she wishes she'd never written the story because people are always harassing her with their re-writes of the ending or something, I don't know. Your story's your story, Annie - none of that outside noise changes it. 

--- Cue Silencio - Anyway also in Brokeback news (ten years on and we've still got Brokeback news to share - where's all that Crash news then?) Pedro Almodovar admitted in an interview that he almost adapted the story himself. Can you imagine??? That tent-fuck would've been an event! Anyway in the same interview Pedro talks about his next movie, which is called Silencio, and is gonna be all actressy apparently. Shocker! I have to admit I am a little bit sad since I was hoping his next movie would be nothing but hot piece Miguel Angel Silvestre laying around in his underwear, though.

--- Two Steps Back - Love this - Benedict Cumberbatch was asked about his "dance-off" with Michael Fassbender that was captured at some party last year during awards season, and this is what benny had to say on the matter:
"Everyone’s called that a dance-off. We were dancing together, as grown men should. There’s no ‘off’ about it. We were dancing ‘on.’ We were together, in perfect male harmony. We were grooving around and dancing back-to-back. It wasn’t like, ‘You go,’ ‘No, you go,’ ‘You throw your shit down, I throw my shit down’ — there was no competitive streak to it at all."

--- And Finally (part one), our pal Joe Reid got a lot done over the break, all while we were just deep-throating our figgy pudding; you can read his top ten list for 2014 right here, and then you can watch this glorious Year In Review video he edited!

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, I'm pretty sure gay men will be accounted for in Magic Mike XXL as well, judging from the open calls I read when I was trying like hell to be an extra. "Attractive men needed," "must be comfortable naked," "must be comfortable around naked men," "must be comfortable playing an employee or patron of a gay bar," etc.