Friday, January 16, 2015

Hang In There, Channing Tatum

The Playlist has a trio of brief clips from the Wachowskis upcoming sci-fi something-or-other Jupiter Ascending (not to mention an 100-minute video interview with the directing duo); and yes Channing Tatum does indeed do his duty and get his nips out for one. I imagine a day will come when he'll feel beyond that call, but that day has not arrived, thank the moon and stars. 

What are we thinking with regards to this movie? It looks like an epic mess to me but I kinda find myself hoping it's good all of a sudden? At least the Wachowskis are making original films, ya know? They have a vision, even if its deranged. Nobody gets to play with as much money and stars as they do and just go deranged. We should probably support that much, at least.


bendtmoerch said...

Well, one of my fave films of the year Speed Racer came out was -- ta-dah!! -- Speed Racer, and besides, I actually thought Cloud Atlas was audacious and bold in the storytelling department. And, well, Speed Racer was too! So, yeah, I am definitely seeing their new one at the multiplexes, because I trust they will be trying out something new.

dk468 said...

I approve speed racer because rain was pretty in it (but then when he's rain not pretty?) even though he was something of villain right?

but not quite, that cloud ass film.

that clueless brit boy's responses to that insulting yellowface f$ckup were simply cocky and nasty.
on top of it, that arrogant & cocky cockney stole my girl Doona Bae after the film, too.

she was my b$tch, you mess up with a fierce badass korean pimp, you pay for it!! :-p

I'm coming for ya you naughty hellbent white boy! Lol

dk468 said...

I mean, when is rain not pretty?

dk468 said...

Also, I mean, mess with.

amola-tesouras said...

I saw the latest trailer for this and was surprised at actually looking forward to watching the movie. I love a good space opera and while Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis seen a tad bland, I thought Eddie Redmayne looked like an interesting villain.