Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good Morning, World

You guys are watching Episodes on Showtime right? I mean it only remains, in its fourth season, one of the funniest shows on television, is all. I thought maybe you liked to laugh. Well if you are (a smart person and you are) watching Episodes then last week you met the Dutch writer Arjen Van Der Linden, who sold his show to the same network that our main characters, Beverly and Sean, have their show (now shows) on. 

Uhhhhhh. He'd been on-screen for less than a minute before I'd looked him up (and found the naked pictures)... the actor's name is Barry Atsma and he is actually Dutch - well clearly he is Dutch; you can't fake how Dutch he looks. I mean he played Vincent Van Gogh in a movie and they don't let any Thom, Dick, or Johan play Vincent Van Gogh, ya know? And he got naked with Carice Van Houten in a movie, which appears to be a Dutch rite of passage.

But he was born in England, so maybe you can? Fake Dutch, I mean. I don't know. Here's some bio info in case you give a shit: "He lived as a child in England, Greece, Brazil and the Netherlands and learned at a very young age how to speak English and Portugese."

Yawn. Now that the "reporting" part is done, let's look at pictures! I gathered up a bunch so, you know, hit the jump and that's where the pictures will be.




(it's going to take me some time to recover from this one)

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. My heart. It hurts.

J.D. said...

he's beautiful.