Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Bradley Cooper's Happy Place

Hoo-rah! Okay so surrounded by a swarm of half-naked soldiers, soaking wet half-in and half-out of their uniforms, rolling around in the mud on top of each other, getting hosed down in short shorts, a testosterone buffet, et cetera et cetera -- these are the happy places of all of us, let's be clear.

But Bradley looks as happy as I have ever seen him in these pictures from the set of American Sniper. So goddamned happy he might just explode!

I posted some of these shots back in June but yesterday I stumbled upon a literal smorgasbord more (via) and my god, how could I not share them?

I mean, come on. I still haven't seen American Sniper myself and given what I've heard I'm not in any rush - something tells me the narrative I've cooked up staring at these pictures is 10,000 times more interesting than anything the movie's gonna give me.

(Ease in there smoothly, Brad.) Have you guys seen the movie? Should I bother? or should I just go with y'all after the jump where I've posted going on 90 pictures? Yeah I thought so. Hit it!


Rob K. said...

I'm taking long long looks at Bradley in those short short shorts.

J.D. said...

Gotta love a man with meat on his bones