Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 Off My Head - Let's Get Hitched, Hollywood!

Well as long as David Fincher thinks that Ben Affleck should star in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, I guess we've got to make allowances. I mean David Fincher is wise, very very wise, and he knows best. So here are some more ideas for Dave. Don't stop once you get started! You're onto something!

Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lopez in a remake of Vertigo! They've got so much heat off their Golden Globes performance together - just imagine them channeling that into a tale of obsession, and intrigue, and boobs.

Luke Evans in a remake of I Confess
Not that Luke Evans has anything to confess.

Jonah Hill in a remake of North By Northwest! It will be called North By North West, and it will be about him trying to find the hiding-spot of Kim and Kanye's baby. There will be lots of CG baby mouths talking. Naturally, North Korea will retaliate.

Sienna Miller in a remake of The Birds!
Or Marnie! Whatever!
Just give us more Sienna Miller, cries America!

And of course, Jessica Alba is Marion Crane! 
What could possibly go wrong?

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