Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Today's Mood

I've been running on fumes all day but I super duper hit the wall - or the bead-strewn floor of the Stardust as it were - a couple of hours ago and I've just been staring at the clock willing it to take me home where I can veg out with all the shows (The Comeback, Getting On, The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD, on and on) that've been sitting and rotting on my DVR all week because me and my new bestie Laura Dern were just having too much fun hanging out. Anyway I know I have movie reviews to write - first and foremost of Xavier Dolan's Mommy, which I saw on Monday after endless months of caterwauling about my want nay need for it to be inside of me - but my brain, it's not up to expressing itself so good today. So we'll try to do things with words tomorrow, cross my heart and/or ninety-nine point forty-four other parts. So til then, here's some pictures of Emory Cohen in old-timey swimming trunks (via, thanks Will) to get us by. See them all after the jump...

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