Friday, December 12, 2014

Tie Milo Up, Tie Milo Down

I guess today's the day for trailers with shirtless fellas - we just saw Chris Hemsworth half-stripped for Blackhat, and now here we've got both Jason Statham and Milo Ventimiglia selling their wares in the trailer for Wild Card, which is the latest in a long long line of, uh, Jason Statham movies.

Yes that's a presumably naked Milo tied up with a woman threatening what we can only presume is, behind that strategically lifted bathrobe, his business with a gigantic pair of scissors.

It's fun for the whole family!
Here's the trailer:

Bonus one more shot of Milo cuz it's there:

Wild Card's out on in theaters and VOD in January.

1 comment:

George G said...

Poor Milo didn't even get his name on the trailer.