Friday, December 19, 2014

Out With The Old (Face)

TV Line's reporting that Michael Pitt's decided not to return to Hannibal for its third season as the eccentric psychopath (is there any other kind) Mason Verger, and that the terrific actor Joe Anderson, seen above, will be replacing him. As TV Line notes, with a fair amount of spoilage, this won't be too distracting as, well, Mason was going to look different the next time we saw him anyway after, you know, things happened. I'm actually incredibly happy about this - I thought Pitt was good on the show (I loved the Lynchian flourish he brought to the role) but I've always thought he seemed rather insufferable, while Joe's always seemed like a good guy and a tremendously underrated actor to boot. I mean clearly I don't know either of these dudes but I look I pay attention and I craft narratives in my head, and this one works out in my favor, so whatever. (Also TV Line includes a shot that Anderson posted of himself in make-up on Instagram but they don't include a link to said Instagram and I can't for the life of me find it; I'd love to follow him! Does anybody have the link?)

In related news, have y'all see any of the pictures from the set? I'm not going to link to any, you can find them if you look around and I don't want to be the one to spoil anyone, but man I can't wait for this show to be back.


Mangrove said...


You're welcome.

Saint Godard said...

Pitt's departure actually disappoints me. I never thought I'd develop a crush on the boy, but I did. Boardwalk started it and Hannibal cemented it.

Oh well, have to settle for my valentine box of mancandy being 3/4s full.