Friday, December 12, 2014

Mother May I Strip With Danger

Stripper's Arm is the new Golfer's Elbow! According to the braying Charo rip-off that Joe Manganiello dates, the brace you see on Joe's arm there is from an accident he sustained while performing a sexy dance for a lady during the filming of Magic Mike XXL. Didn't that movie finish filming weeks ago? This is the first we've seen of any injuries - he seemed fine on the last couple of days of filming, tossing around a football and carrying big boxes and whatnot. 

I'm not saying he's faking this injury for the endless endless endless press he'll get for this story or anything, but well, here we are, and I guess I'm saying something. Mmhmm.

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Charo rip-off said...

Ay ay ay ay arriba arriba