Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jingle Your Hollies, Jingle Your Jollies

Alrighty folks I'm wassailing off for the next twelve or so days - it'll be 2015 when we reopen the blog for business (unless something like Tom Hardy streaking down Madison Avenue happens, in which case we'll probably show back up and post those pictures, because duh) so everybody have a Merry Whatever and a wonderful New Years. 

And if you're feeling especially Kringle-ish this festive season don't forget -- there's a donation button over in the right-hand column there; we work hard (and we play hard) on MNPP and while we're normally loathe to clang the donation-bell hell, tis the season! Or you can just buy something on Amazon for yourself thru this link (also the search-bar in the right-hand column), since that little percentage fills our stockings with joy (in the form of cold hard cash, the second best joy there is), as well. 

Ho ho, everybody!

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