Thursday, December 04, 2014

I Am Link

--- Ghost Protocol - The big news today is the reveal that the next James Bond movie will be called Spectre (Or is it all capitalized, as in SPECTRE? I've seen it both ways), after the sinister organization lurking in the series' long shadows, and the reveal of the entire cast, including the as-previously-rumored Christoph Waltz, Monica Belluci and Lea Sedoux rightfully taking their place as Bond Girls, and Sherlock's Andrew Scott - he's the one I'm most excited about, natch. I assume Christoph will be the main big bad (booooring) but here's to hoping that Andy gets the juicy sexy henchman bit. I think it's well overdue that Daniel Craig put his money where his mouth is with his "James Bond should sleep with a dude for her Majesty's Secret Service" quote, don't y'all? Letting Javier Bardem caress your inner thigh doesn't count.

--- Second Source - I thought that Duncan Jones' film Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal was a perfectly fine little sciffy flick (my review) but I don't know if I'll have much interest in a sequel, especially considering it's coming from a different director and will star some nobody not named Jake Gyllenhaal.

--- Turn Back The Radio - I posted it when Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood talked about the fact that the band was just about to enter the studio to start working on their next album so it's best I follow that up with linking to the first picture out of those sessions, which producer Nigel Godrich tweeted out. Thom my man hard at work making his wailing (whaling) sounds.

--- Ozzy Oscars - Australia's Oscars, otherwise tediously known as the AACTAs (and no I have no idea what that stands for), revealed their 2014 nominations this week and our resident Aussie Glenn took a gander at 'em over at The Film Experience. It was a very fine day for Jennifer Kent and The Babadook, as well it should've been.

--- I'll Do it For You, Damien - When I clicked on this link I expected to see a creepy-eyes little kid so imagine my surprise that the lead in the upcoming Damien (yes that Damien) TV show turned out to be a hot adult piece. His name is Bradley james and I guess he was on that Merlin show; anybody familiar with him?

--- Empty Nest - There's been a change-up director-wise on the long long long gestating reboot of The Crow and now Luke Evans - full stop, do note I am not noting anything about Luke Evans anymore, do - says he's off the project because he's very very busy, dammit. Busy face-fucking his model boyfriend, no doubt.

--- Sniff This - I guess the new hot topic is old people perving on young people (yeah, there's something "new" about that) - besides Bruce La Bruce's next movie Gerontophilia (which is actually more about young people perving on old people, I guess), which we talked about previously right here, now there's a NSFW trailer for The Smell of Us, Larry Clark's new movie, which was just prominently placed on John Waters' fave movies of the year list the other day. Smell is out in France next month; no US date yet.

--- Ringing Hallows - We told you about Tales of Halloween, the new horror anthology movie, recently - it already had  Neil Marshall attached and that was good enough to get us there. Well now comes word that Lucky McKee, director of May and recently the tremendously entertaining All Cheerleaders Die, is going to direct a segment too! Yes yes good news, that.

--- And Finally I was medium to lukewarm on Noah Bambach's new movie While We're Young when I saw it at the New York Film Fest earlier this year (my review) but it's strangely comes up in conversation a lot since then - mostly having to do with Adam Driver, which makes sense (who wouldn't want to talk about Adam Driver?). Anyway the trailer just got released today, you can see it below. The movie's coming out in March.



will h said...

Mark my words: Andy will be revealed as the movie's main villain in almost exactly the same way he was in Sherlock.

Jason Adams said...

That would be a fine development, Will, I hope they do pull the rug on us.

And now I want some new Sherlock to watch.

mangrove said...

No more 'noting'? Waaaah!

Jason Adams said...

Yeah I reserve the right to change my mind if he's super-obnoxious about the closet-recloset-thing again in the future but right now I've decided I don't care enough to harass him anymore, especially if he keeps getting photographed publicly with whatshisface. Good enough or whatever.

John said...

Bradley James is so hot - his voice, his body, his attitude... I can't wait.

Bond Boy said...

I love how gay these Bond movies have gotten since Daniel Craig signed on. Naked torture scenes, Bond being objectified like never before, a gay villain, a gay Q, gay actors up the wazoo, a gay singer (Sam Smith) doing the theme song.

Must be why the last one was the first one every to make a billion. ;)