Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Am Link

--- Halt My Heart - There's a point early in this Interview Magazine chat between Lee Pace and Jim parson where Parson says "You came out..." and I leaned very very far forward in my chair, but then he continued, "... and stayed with me..." and I sighed. Still it's a gay old time they have, chatting about finding one's self in the theater community, and dancing to disco music. Also Lee looks really beautiful in the pictures. Richard Armitage is a lucky man!

--- Score Nivola - Just because we don't get nearly enough interviews with Alessandro Nivola in the world, here's Alessandro talking about (his tennis shorts in A Most Violent Year? No, I wish) doing The Elephant Man on Broadway with Bradley Cooper. I wish I was gonna have a chance to see this show. (thanks Mac)

--- Everybody (Eats) Poops - I'd already marked it in my calendar that John Waters was doing an art-show here in NYC next month (in fact I'd mentioned it last week) but now there's word that there will be video - specifically something called Kiddie Flamingos which yes, is Pink Flamingos acted out by children. Oh my god, you guys. Oh my god.

--- King Tilda - I haven't read this one yet but here's a chat with Tilda Swinton talking about the characters she played in Snowpiercer and The Grand Budapest Hotel this year - I love that she's really making the rounds; it would be so super-cool of she got nominated for Snowpiercer. I don't expect it to happen, but it'd be super-cool if it did.

--- Compu Kate - I squealed about this on Twitter but it deserves mention for real - Kate Winslet is in talks to join Jobs, which yes means that Kate Winslet is in talks to star in a movie opposite Michael Fassbender. Mind, blown, kaboom. I hope it's a substantial role for her though - she's Kate Winslet! When I think of Steve Jobs' story I don't really think of it being an environment putting any women central, and they're not naming what the role is. I mean Danny Boyle is directing the movie, so it's not unimaginable that he'll have her pubic haircut be a plot-point.

--- Black Bond - This isn't really news but what the hell, it's Idris Elba talk so we'll go there - in one of Sony head Amy Pascal's leaked emails she expressed the same desire we've all had, that Idris would take over James Bond when Daniel Craig is finished. This is exactly like a fantasy I once had - as soon as Daniel Craig was finished, Idris Elba stepped in and took over. And it was awesome.

--- Strange Stars - It's only some space-agey art-work a la the wall of a 70s van but Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson tweeted out an image of Benedict Cumberbatch in his doctor look, and Benny does look the part. But we knew he'd look the part. He was the obvious choice. A little too obvious really. Maybe by the time we get this movie in what, three years, we'll be ready to not be a little bit sick of Ben and his obviousness for the part will work.

--- Playhouse Forever - I've been reporting on a new Pee Wee Herman movie happening for what feels like my entire life, but Slash says it's really for real supposed to shoot next year, and that Netflix is the company financing it. Judd Apatow's just producing, I think; we'll apparently hear more news soon. My inner-child is doing that "Tequila" bar dance in anticipation.

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