Friday, December 19, 2014

I Am Link

--- Mountain Man - We've posted a couple of these already (that Jessica Chastain in Crimson Peak picture, those Charlie Cox in Daredevil pictures) but EW's latest issue is looking ahead to next year's movies and has our first looks at a bunch of things; The Playlist helpfully gathered them up in one spot right here. There's Neil Blomkamp's Chappie, there's Tina Fey & Amy Poehler in Sisters, and there's that shot of Jake Gyllenhaal in Everest, seen to the left. Thinking about Everest makes me sad because the studio forced me to remove the pictures of Jake naked on the set from the blog awhile back. Sad. (I mean I still have them on my computer, obviously. And if you google them they're still online elsewhere. I'll go look at them now!)

--- From The Ash's - Apparently also in this issue of EW they talk to Bruce Campbell some about the Evil Dead TV series that he's making with Sam Raimi (I still have to slap myself when I hear this news again, I go all slack-jawed yokel thinking about it) - the whole interview's not available yet but STYD has a couple of brief snippets. This shit is so crazy. So crazy!

--- Look Behind You - I think I even mentioned here at the blog that I wasn't going to watch a trailer for the upcoming hella-hyped horror movie It Follows because I prefer skipping horror trailers since they give the good stuff away a lot of the time, but I caved last night after everybody was talking about how good the new trailer is, and oh my god it looks good!!! I want I want! It has a US date now too - February 27th.

--- Ice Maker - Is it wrong that the name Robert Rodriguez doesn't excite me anymore? In theory, once upon a time, seeing that he's attached to make a live-action version of Ralph Bahski's Fire and Ice, that should sound cool, right? But unless they give him a real budget... I don't know. I'd kinda rather just look at Bashki's art. And I'm kind of sick of all RR's stunt-casting. I think it was hiring Mel Gibson that soured me the most, probably.
--- Climb The Wall -  Zhang Yimou is making an epic movie about the Great Wall (it's also somehow supernatural centered?) in China but it will be English-language and it will probably star Matt Damon. That's all fine and good. But now they've gone and added A Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal to the cast, and we can truly be enthusiastic!

--- Grief Stricken - Sure I'll link to a couple more Babadook reviews, why not - here's Capone at AICN talking about the movie, making the point that the movie works so well unlike so many modern horror flicks because gosh darn it it cares about its characters, and here's our pals at Kindetrauma finding some echoes of Bava in there that hadn't occurred to me til they said it.

--- Hero Fatigue - This interview with Joss Whedon (done from the set of the second Avengers movie) starts off by telling us how exhausted he is, and from there on out it shows - while he gets a couple of good lines in (tell us more about your underwear, Joss) his rambling is the rambling of a very very tired person who has answered all these damn superhero questions before.

--- And Finally, I can co-sign this sort of manipulation: Over at The Film Experience Nathaniel used The Hobbit's latest subtitle about Five Armies as an excuse to post pictures of some of his favorite movies about the military, specifically the men in the military, specifically all the hot ones. Come for the beautiful boys of Unbroken, and stay for Monty Clift in From Here To Eternity:

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