Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Am Link

--- Sniff It - Do these NYT Carpetbagger articles usually insist on self-refering as "The Bagger" so insistently? I think they wrote "The Bagger" fifty times in a few short paragraphs and it's hella annoying. Anyway here's The Bagger on meeting Jake Gyllenhaal at a recent event for Nightcrawler, and apparently he smells good. I hope not too good, I wouldn't want him perfumy, I want him manly and musky and what was I talking about again? (thanks Mac)

--- Greatest Love - We're exactly one month away from Lifetime airing Angela Bassett's Whitney Houston bio-pic (not-so-seret secret: I was and always will be a huge Whitney fan) and here's a pretty interesting interview with the actress they hired to play Whitney's long-rumored lesbian paramour. She sounds like she knows things, real things, y'all.

--- Feast For All - There are a whole lot of TV shows that I don't watch included on The Atlantic's list of the best TV episodes of the year, in fact it's a surprising majority (I thought I watched a lot of TV but there's so much here I hadn't even heard of!), but I recommend the list anyway because our pal Joe Reid wrote up a lovely little thing on the best episode of Hannibal's second season in there.

--- Tickle Me Efron - Hey look Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zac Efron (sporting a surprisingly fine mustache) were hanging out filming something for Joe's HitRecord thing. I hope it's something akin to the thing that Joe "reportedly" filmed when he was trying to be in John Cameron Mitchell's real-sex-opus Shortbus. And speaking of Joe, it sounds like he will not be playing the lead in the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman movie, at least according to Gaiman himself? Neil says he'd like Tom Hiddleston, which sounds like prime casting to me.

--- Bond Women - I love all the press that Monica Belluci got when she was announced for Spectre about being the oldest Bond Girl ever, as if Monica Belluci is a dried up old corn husk. If she was good enough for Vincent Cassel y'all, she's good enough for me. Anyway over at The Film Experience today resident Bond expert Deborah tackles the math of the Bond Girls and their ages with respect to the Bonds they've stood alongside (or you know, laid under) and finds some surprising facts.

--- Hero Dump - Here are two Avengers-themed things that I have not yet read: here's Paul Bettany finally breaking hi silence (oh yes we have all been holding our breath on this one) on what the deal is with his role in the upcoming sequel, and here is Joss Whedon... well, presumably it seems talking about the same thing, plus other stuff. No word if Aaron Johnson's thighs come up, but I'll keep you posted.

--- How To Get Away With Suicide - The cast for the upcoming super-villain team-up flick Suicide Squad, which has been giving me a solid case of the manic-depressives, just got maybe one more check in the plus column - Viola Davis is maybe going to play the, well, the Samuel L. Jackson role, aka the government official who oversees the group. She joins Tom Hardy and Jai Courtney and then some other people ugh.

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