Monday, December 08, 2014

Good Morning, World

I've been watching Woody Allen's latest Magic in the Moonlight (which is out on blu-ray next week) in fits and spurts over the past few days and I haven't finished it yet but seeing as how I can't at the moment think of a nicer way to start a week than by having the adorable Hamish Linklater serenade us in just a pair of old-timey swimming trunks, well this couldn't wait.

I should reserve my judgement til I finish the movie but seeing as how I did already say as much on Twitter I'm really only enjoying the movie for little moments like Hamish in swimming-trunks and also the astonishingly gorgeous cinematography by longstanding genius Darius Khondji - he's shot several of Woody's last few movies but this is clearly the gem. The art-deco jazz-age everything is to die for; I'm tempted to post a dozen caps from the movie like I just did for Enemy yesterday. Alongside the astonishingly lovely Mr. Turner from Mike Leigh (and DP Dick Pope), which I also watched this weekend, I was surrounded by some mighty fine beauty all weekend long.

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Walter L. Hollmann said...

Glad to hear another voice praising the cinematography here -- I think it does a marvelous job of capturing the look and feel of a 1930s b&w high society comedy, but, you know, in color. Those driving scenes in particular!