Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getting Cold For Kiki

I was in a bar a few weeks ago where they were playing Drop Dead Gorgeous on the TVs, so that's what I think of immediately upon reading today's wonderful news that Kirsten Dunst, wonderful Kirsten Dunst, will be busting out her Midwestern accent again as she's has joined the cast of the second season of Fargo. Her role might have something to do with it too:

"Dunst will play Peggy Blomquist, “a small town beautician with big city dreams who is trying to figure out who she really is and what she really wants as she struggles with traditional societal expectations. She shares her home with her husband Ed (played by Jesse Plemons), a butcher’s assistant, who wants to be supportive of his wife’s self-discovery, even if he doesn’t quite understand it.”

Ooh Jesse Plemons, we like him very much too, and he'll fit right into the Fargo world like a ginger glove. The second season is a prequel to the first, taking us back to 1979 and some happenings surrounding the character played in the first season by Keith Carradine; that character hasn't been cast yet, but Jeffrey Donovan will also play someone on the show (probably somebody who seems a little coked-out, since that's his specialty).

None of the people from the first season will re-appear which makes me kinda sad - I adored Allison Tolman... and Billy Bob... oh who am I kidding, I adored everybody, even Tom Hanks' kid. I loved the show. Any of y'all fans?

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stujkx said...

Best show of the year! And I love Dunst, so this news couldn't make me happier.