Friday, December 12, 2014

Do Dump or Marry - Rasslin' Friends

You guys. You guys! How the heck did I never do a Do Dump or Marry post for the fellas of Foxcatcher? How does that even (not) happen? That's insane! Well let's do it right now and pretend it's in honor of the film's nominations at The Golden Globes then. Foxcatcher stars Channing Tatum, Steve Carell, and Mark Ruffalo -- one of them you must roll around on the mat with for just one night (Do), one of them you must forfeit the match with altogether (Dump), and one of them you get to pin down for life (Marry).  

Take your answer to the comments!


StinkyLulu said...

That's just impossibly mean.

I can dump not one of these gents. I must do them all. And marry them in, in respectable turn, to manifest my own "big love" for them all.

May it be so.



Jake said...

Do Ruffalo
Dump Tatum
Marry Carell

Anonymous said...

dump down syndrome and fatty channing.
do steve with a pillow over his face.
marry mark and HOPE his cute dead brother comes back as a ghost and haunts your asshole.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Jake

Do Ruffalo (because DAMN!)
Dump Channing (because cute but too young)
Marry Carrell (because hot furry daddy)

das buut said...

Can we toss them all? Sure we can, the cliff's big enough!

Off you go, boys!

Now, where's Matt Bomer?

jon said...

Do Carell
Dump Tatum
Marry Ruffalo.

Side note: Some people complained that in "The Kids Are All Right" that Juliane Moore's lesbian character wouldn't have an affair with a man. I beg to differ. As sexy as Mark Ruffalo was in that movie, I'm surprised I'm not sleeping with him RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

Do Ruffalo
Dump Carell
Marry Tatum

Prospero said...

Do Tatum, Dump Steve and Marry Mark. Easiest one, yet.

Wyatt Renfro said...

DO Channing Tatum. I want those stripper moves used on me.

DUMP Steve Carrell. Sorry about it.

MARRY Mark Ruffalo. He seems like a mellow guy that smoked the ganja. My kind of man

billybil said...

I'm with Prospero.

Do Channing - I know, I know...but damn he can work that boyish dumb jock thing PLUS he's not that dumb in "real life"!!
Dump Carell - although I bet he'd be awfully fun and sexy for an afternoon trist in the Beverly Hills HOtel
Marry RUffalo - sexy, sweet and a tiny bit wicked - my kind of husband

Damn mikey! You so cruel! lol

Dave said...

Easy. Do Channing, Dump Steve, Marry Mark.

And in honor of "Exodus" opening weekend: Do Edgerton, Dump Bale, Marry Sigourney.

Ryan said...

DO: Channing

DUMP: Ruffalo (but i'd marry him before tatum)

MARRY: Carell (honest to god i find him the most sexy of all three of these foxes)

Anonymous said...

Do Ruffalo
Dump Carell
Marry Tatum (he's got the most good years left lol)

Guido said...

Do Channing
Dump Mark
Marry Steve

Glenn said...

Do Channing, marry Mark and Steve and live in bigamy.

David said...

Do Steve - I bet that would be lots of fun
Dump Channing - sorry, kiddo. You don't make the cut in this field.
Marry Mark. - Because Duh.