Thursday, December 04, 2014

Chris Meloni Taint Misbehavin'

When I went looking for the links included in my previous post about Chris Meloni's Oz co-star Lee Tergesen on American Horror Story I stumbled upon two things: the above picture of Meloni and his Oz body-double that I'd never seen before, and #2 this post at Out remembering part of an old 2000 Q&A with Meloni that's well worth contemplating for a moment, or ten...

Out: What are you usually complimented on?
Meloni: My ass or my eyes. My smile. Or my ass.

Out: A special place on your body that feels unbelievably good when kissed or touched?
Meloni: That place right between your scrotum and your ass.

Out: An unfilled sexual fantasy?
Meloni: An orgy situation.

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Sandisan said...

What a gift that man is.