Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Am Link

--- Pyle On - In case you missed it over the weekend the most important thing on the internet was Missi Pyle's series of posts for The Film Experience - she talked about her night at the Oscars with The Artist, she talked about working with Bryan Fuller on Pushing Daisies, she expressed great affection for Madeline Kahn... basically she proved herself every ounce the cool lady we knew she had to be given her endlessly entertaining career.

--- Super Gay - Our pal Glenn took a look at the year in gay movies over at Junkee, highlighting everything from the art-house likes of Xavier Dolan (always Xavier Dolan) and Bruce LaBruce (when the heck will I get to see Gerontophilia???) to the big-budget undercover queerness of 22 Jump Street and Neighbors.

--- Hit Me As Hard As You Can - In an absolutely cutting piece of journalism, US Weekly found out that while Jake Gyllenhaal was filming his boxing movie Southpaw... he got hit! Like, punched! Isn't that nuts? Who'd have thought it? Oh and here's an appealing new photograph of Jake for his upcoming play Constellations (click here for the full shot including his co-star Ruth Wilson):

--- Little Giant - I don't know who this Steven Spielberg person thinks he is, hiring a total nobody to play the little orphan girl in his adaptation of Roald Dahl's The BFG, but I will only accept a name in that part! And since there arern't very many names at ten years old right now, I suppose we'll have to cast slightly older. Is Nicole Kidman available?

--- Man Busted - How ridiculous would it be if they made a male-centric Ghostbusters starring Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt at the exact same time as Paul Feig makes his female-centric one? That was apparently Channing's idea, via an email exposed by the Sony leak - he and Chris are friends, I guess. And stars! Big hot slabs of man star. But seriously, just make the lady one for now, you guys. And speaking of Chris Pratt a pair of new pictures from Jurassic World dropped over the weekend, head over here to see them. (thanks Mac) 

--- Love Nigerian Style - We told you about Americaneh back when Lupita Nyong'o became attached to the project, since we're dying to see her in more things - now David Oyelowo has signed on for the male lead in the movie. There's somehow still no director or writer attached though? Who doesn't want to work with those two fabulous actors? Come on let's get this thing moving.

--- Forever Fassbender - In Fassy News today we hear that his dick-slinger Slow West has been picked up for distribution well before its bow at Sundance by A24, aka the studio that really knows its shit these days (aka Michael Fassbender's a fucking star) and isn't run by clueless out-of-touch up-their-own-ass dickheads like Aaron Sorkin. Ahem. In Second Fassy News today, director Steve McQueen says that there would totally be a role for Michael in his Paul Rosebson bio-pic if Michael wants it, because he always wants that big-piece around him at all times, and who can blame him.

--- Less Than Super - I figured that this Batman V Superman mess was going to be a bunch of fan-service, trying to right the wrongs they made with Man of Steel, and now we've got some (spoilery) confirmation of that - problem is, as I see it, they can crack their jokes about how Superman killed somebody in the first film but I have absolutely no doubts that this will remain a bloated spooge-fest, screamingly loud and turned up to ten thousand percent from the first to last frame, and that's the actual problem.


Unknown said...

Yeah another thing is, superman by every definition IS super with super powers! Where as batman is just a human vigilante, ok a mega rich vigilante with a few fancy toys but it would be much like putting the hulk against well Steve Smith from American dad!

Unknown said...

Batman versus superman? Damn can you not come up with something slightly believable, umm like the hulk versus Steve Smith from American dad! Please Hollywood stop doing crappy remakes and stop coming out with rubbish that is just puked out to make money. Put some heart and soul into your films.