Thursday, December 04, 2014

Barefoot In The Fassy

Who the hell does he think he is - Thomas Jane? No not because he could've starred in the big-screen (wiiiide-screen) version of Hung - put on some damn shoes, Michael Fassbender. I personally might be willing to lick the dirty sidewalk where your bare feet landed but some people, admittedly people who are crazy or stupid or both, but some people might not like your toe-jam flopping all over the aisles of the grocery store. Oh, and Alicia?

Quit rubbing it in, you show-off. (via)


Unknown said...

I'm staring at the last two photos of his back and wondering what on earth he does/did to get all the muscle groups in his back that defined. Boxing as a kid?

Brown Sugah said...

I don't understand what I'm seeing here? He's dating that young woman? But that can't be right...she isn't a black teenager. O.o

Anonymous said...

Il believe it if I ever see another photo of the two of them not associated with the publicity of this film. ;)

Andy said...

I like the fact that he is walking in his bare feet! :)