Monday, November 10, 2014

Which Craft, Warcraft

Alright my nerd credentials are seriously lacking in this department - I've just gotta put that out there because I had no idea that Warcraft was a sword-and-sorcery type thing, I'd just assumed it was about modern combat, and so this first picture of Dominic Cooper in Duncan Jones' movie-version of the game, it surprised me. I was hoping for Dom in some sexy fatigues and instead I get gilded shoulder pads that'd make Bea Arthur blush. Not fair. I think I do like him with long hair though, which surprises me. Hopefully we'll get a scene of him stripping off the armor like his co-star Luke Evans granted us in Dracula Untold...

 I shouldn't have brought up Dracula Untold because I don't have time to write a proper review right this second and man does it deserve my time and effort. (Maybe you caught some of my tweets about it yesterday?) So we're gonna put a pin in that til tomorrow. I have things to say though!

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