Friday, November 21, 2014

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... hugging a tree with Hart Bochner.

Supergirl is turning 30 today, you guys!

I know everybody maintains this movie is awful but oh my god I love it so. That said, no offense to Helen Slater but if I'm gonna write about Supergirl I'm gonna write about Hart Bochner (previous example) as the hunky dude-in-distress or I'm gonna write about Faye Dunaway.

Gloriously ridiculous Faye Dunaway camping it up like nobody's business as the gloriously ridiculous villainess Selena. In fact I think we oughta do a list in honor of thirty gloriously ridiculous years of Selena, that's what I think. I give you...

The Five Stages of Eye-Acting 
By Faye Dunaway in Supergirl

Stage 1: Simple, Human, Elegant

Stage 2: Slight Shade; Still Elegant

Stage 3: The Key Light Strikes

Stage 4: Glamour!



David said...





Jeffrey said...

Love that movie! It’s so bad it’s good. Happy Birthday Supergirl!

Audrey said...

Overacting. Cheesy graphics. It's basically a cartoon. I love it!

George G said...

Favorite scene:

Faye Dunaway: "Power of Shadow, from a dark star, reveal to me my enemy, wherever she... (pause) are."

Brenda Vaccaro: "Oh that's awful."

Or something like that. I might have gotten a word or two wrong. ;)

And does anyone have that nude centerfold of Hart Bochner in the bathtub that he did for Cosmopolitan? There were strategically-placed soap suds but man that got me through many a teenage fantasy...

Jason Adams said...

George - I have never seen this picture, and as I searched everywhere online and I couldn't find it! I MUST FIND IT!!!!!!!

George G said...

Yeah, I've been looking for it without much success. :/

Anonymous said...

Hart Bochner looked so much like Richard Gere then.

Anonymous said...

Faye Dunaway was absolutely gorgeous in this as always