Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday's Ways Not To Maim

Nobody actually dies in this scene, hence today's title being switched up, but I love this scene so much it has to happen. There's also a ton of set-up, so we'll be talking you through it.

Say hello to Snake Eater!

No, not her. The Lorenzo Lamas character. He actually goes by the name "Soldier" since he's an ex-Marine, out of an elite branch of the service called, yes, the Snake Eaters. Hence the movie's title. But Soldier's a cop now... a cop who doesn't play by the rules!!!

This is the film's opening scene, where we get to know what a rule-breaker Soldier is. He's going undercover to bust some drug dealers. They sent in this lady to do the deal - first order of business: she tells him to strip.

But just cuz he might be wearing a wire, see. 
He's all, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Really. He actually says, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." And she's all, of course, hells yeah.

I would have shown Lorenzo Lamas mine if he promised to show me his too, at least in 1989. just for the record.


Don't mind if I do. Your turn, Solider.

This movie is awesome. 

Just how awesome? Well a lot awesome -- in fact this goes on for awhile, the awesome, so let's take the rest after the jump. Trust me, you won't wanna miss it. So come, come with Lorenzo...

I love the way the actress was directed in this scene to heave as if she's hyperventilating as he takes his clothes off - then again, judging by all the acting in this movie maybe she wasn't so much directed, maybe that is just the natural reaction to the musk of Lamas hitting the air.

I can't breathe!!!

As silly as all this is, it's also it must be said a pretty sexy scene. Obviously I'm enjoying it on multiple levels, and that's why we're here capping the hell out of it. But it does manage to build some sexual tension through all of this by taking its time and allowing the folks involved to be silly with it. They're having fun too.


"Underwear, Soldier."

"What, you think I'm hiding 
a wire in my underwear?"

"Looks like you got the whole radio station."

Yes there are two cops listening on on this entire amazing exchange (through a wire Lorenzo is hiding in... well I'll leave that to your imagination), and yes, that eye-roll is the greatest thing ever. How Kristen Wiig as Aunt Linda is that eye-roll???

That makes me so happy. But back to...

... Lorenzo Lamas stripping.

I wish there were some actual nudity in this scene (of course I do) but that shot's pretty sexy all the same. But isn't it strange that for all the beefcake Lorenzo Lamas is known for -- didn't he spend every scene he was in on Falcon Crest getting in and out of pools in just a speedo?

-- he doesn't seem to have ever gotten properly good and naked on-screen? Not that I could find in a cursory search anyway. (Don't worry, I'll keep looking. I will never stop looking.)

"I'm clean."

"Too bad, I like my men dirty."

Oh I like you, lady.

Clearly so does Soldier. Unfortunately for him he didn't listen to the subtext of her whole "I like my men dirty" line, which is - she likes her men dirty.

Specifically these two colorfully-outfitted cock-blockers who show up right at the moment of, uh, impact. Oh and it's our cocks they're blocking, by the way...

... because they let Soldier put his pants back on while they rob him. Why are you doing that, Cockblockers? The rest of this scene obviously should have played out with a properly naked Lorenzo Lamas. You've got your coming, Cockblockers.

They go back and forth for a minute, 
blah blah we tricked you give us the money, so on.

Soldier tells them it's in the other room, but they're all...

Slow down, stud.

He slows down.

They follow him into the next room, where he kneels...

Yeah I thought maybe things were about to get real interesting too. 
And they were! Just not that way. Instead...

... he's built a nail-bed booby-trap, of course. That's what one does in these situations. I love picturing the days he spent rigging this whole contraption before this - sitting on the floor eating a ham sandwich in between laying out the springs and gears. Oh, Soldier. You scamp.

Snake Eater (1989)

Oh he knows he's good. 

This scene goes on for a bit, 
with Lorenzo looking amazingly sleazy hot while gloating.

Honestly that shot needs to be a banner on this site 
at some point in the future. It's kind of everything.

I don't think this dude's even scared of being shot; 
I think he's just like, 
"Oh my god dude, you are so hot right now."

But Soldier doesn't kill them, everybody lives 
to sweat another day. Yes even the girl...

He has a booby-trap laid just for her. 
Solider thinks of everything!

There's apparently an entire trilogy of Snake Eater movies - this one's followed by  Snake Eater II: The Drug Buster in 1991 and Snake Eater III: His Law in 1993 - I have got to see all of them immediately. I know the entire first movie is on YouTube, it's where I took all these images from, so I'll put that right here. Enjoy, or whatever.

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