Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Jesse Metcalfe Thirteen Times

Alright you win this round, Jesse Metcalfe. Looking through my archives I've shown a strange resistance to posting pictures of Jesse - in theory he's exactly my type, but in practice there's something about him that puts me off. But this photo-shoot by Stephen Busken (via), well, I can overlook my prejudices this once, I suppose. (click to embiggen)

Busken has shot Jesse before to good effect; in fact I was surprised to see I hadn't broken down and posted those shots when they hit this Summer. So here, as long as we're here, hit the jump for several more very fine pictures from that earlier shoot.


JB said...

Good GOD - he's perfection!!!

Sandisan said...

He's one of those guys that's HOT to look at, but man, is he BORING. At least he was on Dallas (the next generation).

Unknown said...

Oh my! I thought it was only me.. I have no idea why jesse doesnt do it for me, although he is in fact all-around hot!

JB said...

Good GOD - this guy is perfection!!