Thursday, November 13, 2014

In Remembrance of Cookie

It took me ages because my reading habits have gone to hell ever since I got an iPad (why read a book when you can flip through Instagram that hour before you fall asleep instead?) but I finally finished Edgewise, the biography of Cookie Mueller I told y'all about awhile back, and I just wanna say - READ THIS BOOK, you guys. Have any of you read it yet? It's wonderful, absolutely wonderful - I don't think I expected, after all the funny weird stories that it tells about this funny weird woman, for the end to pack such an emotional whallop, but man does it - the weight of those years, which were before my time but not enough before not to haunt all the same, is there in full force; this is hardly "an AIDS book" (my scare quotes) but in showing us the singularity of this bright lady, the sense of all we lost, all the creative minds that AIDS tore away from us, sneaks up and smacks you something hard.

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Anonymous said...

I'm halfway through it, it's terrific. In "Ask Dr. Mueller" there's an extraordinary chapter about how her husband's last few days, being bed ridden and in pain, became his most creative period. She was a great writer. In Facebook there's a Cookie Mueller Fan Club which is really nice, and her son Max (the baby in the dungeon) has posted pictures and stuff there.