Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Am Link

--- Ol Man River - Steve McQueen's next movie will be about Paul Robeson, who was a singer and athlete and civil rights activist and general all-around renaissance man back in the day... he was also a looker, as you can see there, so I wonder who they'll get to play him? I can see some David Oyelowo in him but Oyelowo's playing everybody right now, as is Chadwick Boseman, so I hope they go with Nate Parker, who's totally under-rated. (And also yes, a total looker.) That is if they're casting known actors. Also insert general "But who will Michael Fassbender play?" sentiment right here.

--- New Phoenix - The three names up to play the young Jean Grey in the next X-Men movie (and therefore replacing the used up old hag that is Famke Janssen) are Chloe Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, and Elle Fanning. Even if I've recently appreciated a Chloe performance I'm not quite up to rooting for her, but I do find this news pretty amusing coming directly in the wake of her having just made fun of playing a cheesy mutant superhero in Clouds of Sil Maria. Meanwhile Bryan Singer is looking for an unknown to play Young Cyclops... no doubt he'll be young and cute, ahem.

--- One Man Threesome - Chris Pratt, Sexiest Man loser and ex-shlub, is considering in starring in something called Cowboy Ninja Viking next, which is an adaptation of a comic book about a squad of multiple-personalitied secret agents called Triples who turn into three different kick-ass versions of themselves to blah blah battle evil blah. Chris would be part Cowboy, part Ninja, and part Viking, obviously. Let's hope they re-think it and change the title to Cowboy Stripper Sex-Worker.

--- Haley's Cometh - I was just wondering what was up with the terrific Haley Bennett, she was so good in Kaboom; turns out all her big projects are waiting in the wings (like the Malick movie with Gosling and Fassbender molesting each other), and also she's just signed on to co-star with Patrick Wilson in an adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel called The Blunderer, which is about an architect in the 1960s who becomes obsessed with a murder case. I've never read this one, have any of you?

--- Slipper Stud - I'd totally forgotten that Disney was making their live-action Cinderella movie with Cate Blanchett as the Evil Stepmother (when director Mark Romanek dropped off of it I lost a little interest) until I saw everybody talking about the just-released trailer this morning - here's Nat doing a "Yes No Maybe So" on it at The Film Experience. Hey look at Robb Stark as the Prince! Let's hope his flirtation with royalty goes better here than it did in A Game of Thrones (although I love the thought of the Red Wedding dropped into a Disney movie).

--- Goner Girl - The further I get away from Gone Girl the less memorable a movie it seems, and that's spilled over into any appreciation I had for Rosamund Pike's performance; the whole thing's just a big meh to me now. But maybe working with Charlie Hunnam will change that! She's maybe going to join that "trapped in the snowy wilderness" movie he's doing (we told you about it before right here). I wish they'd relocate the whole thing to the jungle though, because snowy movies never have nearly enough nudity.

--- Talking Ass - I meant to link this up yesterday and totally spaced - how great is this take-down by Paul Bettany of a homophobic ass (emphasis on ass) trolling him on Facebook? Very great, that's how great. I'm reminded of the time Paul Bettany and all 17 feet of his skinny legs sat right beside me on a crowded subway train... but then I'm reminded of that moment a lot (with sexy results).

--- Playing Games - I know this is hard for you to believe but my word's not the be-all-end-all on everything; take for example Benedict Cumberbatch's  The Imitation Game, which I just wrote a bunch of not-entirely-nice words upon this morning - other people think other things! Head over and read what our pal Murtada's saying on it at his site, for instance - plenty of wonderful much nicer points are made. 



i would literally never seen another X-Men film if Chloe Moretz waas in them. I have my childhood to consider. don't want it destroyed. Halle Berry was tough enough.

but anyway those three possibilities suggest they have no conception of what they want for the character beyond "famiiar face" since all three are totally different energies from each other.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the commenter who suggested Saoirse Ronan. She would be perfect for Jean Grey.

Derreck said...

I'm always team Famke. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Famke was a good enough actress to pull off both nice girl Jean and Dark Phoenix. She was amazing playing both sides (especially given how her role was minimized in the X-men 3 script).

Elle Fanning might be too much of a nice girl, while Chloe Is all mean girl (that's why her casting as the victimized Carrie really didn't work).