Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Morning, Gratuitous Bin Won

Well this is a bit of a mystery... does anybody know what happened to Bin Won, the Korean actor seen here that was in a few movies that made their way over the oceans - specifically the 2010 action-thriller The Man From Nowhere and Bong Joon-ho's tremendously well-received Mother?

I took note of him in 2011 when The Man From Nowhere made it here (specifically how good he looked in it) but he hasn't worked in anything that I can find since then, which seems very strange.

He was great in Mother, playing the mentally-handicapped son opposite the internationally praised Hye-ja Kim. It seemed like his career was just starting, and then he fell off the face of the Earth. I'm sure those of you more intimately familiar with Korean cinema can tell me.

Until then, well, let's stare at some old pictures of him. Hit the jump for a whole bunch I've had sitting on my computer since 2011, probably when I meant to do this post and forgot. Oh and he turns 37 today, happy birthday where-ever you are, pretty man!


dk468 said...

4 years, no film, only 40 tv commercials? Ugh, I should spank his candy ass big time! Until he cries out,"UNCLE*"!(*the original title of The Man From Nowhere) :-p

In May, peddling men's skin care line:

He says that his next film is coming but when? [Should have made that film with the maestro Changdong Lee **(Secret Sunshine, Poetry)!]
He's not getting any younger and I don't think he's aging very well...

At least I like better that als thing from August:


dk468 said...

"Next film?
Right now I have two ideas but I haven't decided which to take. One is about the apocalypse, and one is where the lead character is a samurai."

Either one could have been a good vehicle for our pretty boy! Ah, lost chances...