Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getcha Dook Dook Dook On

Since, as we just told you, we are signing off today for the rest of the week it would be rather remiss of us not to seize the moment here while we can right before Jennifer Kent's glorious horror film The Babadook hit theaters and VOD this weekend to remind y'all for approximately the ten thousandth time that oh oh my you should see this movie as soon as you can. I'm seeing reviews all over the place - here's a link to mine from way way back - that're equally enthusiastic about the movie and it's making me happy happy happy, because Kent has delivered to us a genuine horror movie miracle and she's worthy of every last hosanna.

A reminder that the actual book is going to be created if they can get enough people to sign up to buy it - they've sold nearly half of the 2000 copies they need after a week, and they're taking orders for nearly another two months, so I think we'll be fine, I think the book will happen at this point, but if you haven't yet, go buy it! Well see the movie first, but I really can't imagine seeing the movie and then not wanting a copy of that amazing book.

I'm momentarily going to get into spoilers -- I know most of y'all are just about to get your first chance to see the film but I've really been wanting to ask one question, so avert your eyes Babadook-virgins -- to those of you who have seen the movie though, do you think that Amelia (Essie Davis) actually made the book herself? There's a reference to her having been a child's book author before in the scene with all those obnoxious moms at the birthday party. And we see Amelia's hands covered in what could be soot from burning it or could be ink from having crafted the book herself. I think the movie raises the question, the possibility, at least.
Anyway I am really beyond curious at this point to finally hear what everybody thinks of the movie, so this post will sit here over the long holiday week just for that. Once you see it tell me your thoughts in the comments! And have fun carving the, uh, turkey.

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Glenn said...

Oh definitely. I mean, the book is obviously a manifestation of her own fears, but if you choose to read the film literally there's definitely a case to be made that she made it herself.