Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pics of the Day

Apparently I posted those shots from the set of Looking too soon last week - but how could I have guessed that Russell Tovey would start a "Kissing & Licking Jonathan Groff" campaign? Okay I maybe could have guessed that; it's not so totally out there.


John said...

I don't have HBO but I saw the 1st 2 episodes during a free preview (it wasn't even in HD...)this spring and I liked the show. I'm looking forward to seeing it thru Netflix. Lot's of people have slammed the show in the reviews on Amazon.

Derreck said...

I'm still not over what Patrick did in the finale.

Richie is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good for him.

frank said...

This show didn't work for me. I hope in Season 2 they make it less about gay cliches and more about people who just happen to be gay.