Friday, October 03, 2014

I Am Link

--- Beach Bingo - The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is going to star in the big-budget reboot of Baywatch, of all things. I think he's a solid comedian, and he'll certainly look good running in slow-motion on the beach, so maybe this will have something of merit. On his Instagram he says "Edgy, raunchy and hopefully, funny as all hell"- what worries me about this is they've got quite the line to walk; the jokes could be easily go hella lazy if they don't make the effort.
--- Texas Heat - Shocktober is rolling right along at Final Girl - here's Stacie take on the opening titles of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which I always only realize are the Sun about halfway through them. Every single time! That movie, I swear no matter how many times I watch it it manages to surprise me - like Stacie says about the sudden daylight when Sally leaps out the window towards the end. It just works on such a primal, subconscious level from the word go, it never fails to shock somehow.

--- Brother Ward - White Collar's Tim DeKay has signed onto Agents of SHIELD, to play Agent Ward's older brother. Hopefully with sexy results! Actually Brett Dalton is looking way too thin this season, has anybody noticed that? I don't think they're supposed to be starving him in that interrogation space or anything. It just seems like a weird choice. Come back to us, sexy Brett.

--- Thunder Down Under - Not even Chris Hemsworth can keep track of how many times he's played Thor - in an interview Down Under he said post-Ultron it's been three, when it's really been four. I guess he, like the rest of us, doesn't count Thor 2. He also says he loves doing the role and is looking forward to slipping back into his Thunder-God-underoos for awhile (he has three more films with Marvel already lined up in his contract).

--- Spill Forth - That oil-tanker disaster-movie The Finest Hours that I told you about last week, the one with Chris Pine and Ben Foster, just gained another prime slab of man - Eric Bana will play some big-wig Coast Guard guy. You know the role, Bana's played it a dozen times now. I know this movie's going to turn into one of those ones with a dozen hot guys all cramped up in close quarters sweaty and staring at each other with no pay-off, and yet here I am, prepped for it all over again. Sigh. I never learn.

--- Terror Abroad - Another movie we've spoken of before is Idris Elba's upcoming thriller Bastille Day, which is from the director of the pretty-decent Woman in Black remake, and is about a "a rogue U.S. CIA operative who is tasked with interrogating and eventually making a young American man, who’s also a con-artist, 'disappear'" - Richard Madden, aka adorable naked Robb on A Game of Thrones, has just been cast in it, presumably as the young American. All of these actors are Brits, stealing our American jobs! But they'll make a hot pair so I will overlook it. (thanks Mac)

--- Two Face - Has anybody been watching Gotham? I don't know if I can, I dislike Jada Pinkett Smith too much, and her character's name is Fish Mooney, it pushes me right over the edge. And it just seems silly. I might have reached my silly quotient right this minute. That said they just cast Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent, and... that is might hard (heh) to resist.

--- The Sound Of Silence - On today's "read this at lunchtime" pile goes this interview with documntarian Joshua Oppenheimer at The New York Times; he made The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence, the latter which I just reviewed for NYFF the other day. They are both brilliant unmissable films. (thanks Mac)

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