Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Am Link

--- Queen Please - Ryan Murphy is making a new anthology show called Scream Queens that'll have a rotating setting and cast every season just like American Horror Story, and will have two female leads on "a college campus rocked by murders." And listen I love American Horror Story, y'all know this, and I think this season so far is turning out spectacularly, give or take a clown I don't find scary (it's all about Dandy for me; I want to be Dandy for Halloween I love him so), but Ryan Murphy I hope you were misquoted by EW when you said "We hope to create a whole new genre—comedy-horror" because WTF, you egomaniac.

---  Scare Scare Again - Yesterday there was news that The Conjuring sequel had been knocked out of its release date and people wondered what was up; today comes word that James Wan, the director of the first one (and the first two Insidious movies, which I prefer) who'd moved on to make the next Fast & Furious movie saying he was done with horror, is returning to make The Conjuring 2 after all. He says that taking a one-movie break reinvigorated his horror lust. Good, I am happy to have him back.

--- And Speaking of the Insidious films, Wan's co-writer Leigh Whannell is currently directing Insidious Chapter 3 and DH gathered up several behind-the-scenes pictures right here, with looks at Dermot Mulroney and the returning Lin Shaye. I haven't kept track of where they're taking the story so I have no idea what's happening but Leigh's looking adorable isn't he?

--- Return To Mars - Apparently Disney has let their rights to the John Carter of Mars stories expire after the disastrous performance of that first movie they effed all up, so Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate, who got the rights back, is saying they have every intention of trying to get more movies made. I don't think Taylor Kitsch should be expecting any phone calls, though.

--- Dark Cox - After the exquisite pain of not being able to see the Daredevil panel at New York Comic-Con set me off I am inching my way back towards my beloved Charlie Cox - representing today's baby step is this brief chat with him at THR about the show, and how dark it will be. Hopefully not so dark it doesn't take time to appreciate the finer, furrier things in life.
--- Dream Weavers - I meant to include a link to Vulture's oral history of the original Nightmare on Elm Street movie this morning when I did my Nightmare post but ended up not really figuring out a way to squeeze it in to a post that was already longer than I intended; anyway the oral history had me cracking me up last night when I read it - love the director of the second (and gayest!) Elm Street movie popping up just long enough to call Harvey Weinstein a gargoyle! But my favorite quote, pretty much just because it's coming from Ronee Blakely and it allows me to picture Nancy's drunk mother saying it, is this one:

"It was difficult sometimes to eat lunch with Robert [Englund] because his makeup was so realistic. His brains were hanging out of his prosthetics."

--- Lizard Tears - IndieWire chatted with Juliette Binoche about some things, including the fact that Quentin Tarantino told her she made him cry while watching Godzilla. What I want to know is, why is Tarantino talking to Binoche? Movie, movie, movie! Put her in a movie, Quentin! Write a kick-ass Juliette Binoche movie right this minute!

--- Sundown Seconds - Hopefully I'll write my own thoughts up at some point but here's what our pal Glenn thought of the remake of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, which just came out this week. Spoiler alert: he loved it a whole bunch, a whooooole bunch, way more than I did, although I didn't hate it or anything by any means.

--- The Magic Word - I hadn't really been paying attention to the just released blu-ray set of Pee Wee's Playhouse because I already have the DVD set that came out a few years ago and figured that was plenty, but reading this interview with Paul Reubens (thanks Mac) has me second-guessing - it sounds like they did an amazing job cleaning it up better than it looked even when it aired. Paul also says an announcement on the Pee Wee movie he's been telling us is going to happen is "imminent" but dude's cried wolf so many times on this, I can't. I can't! This interview is already a couple of days old and nothing's been announced. I am waiting, Pee Wee.

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