Thursday, October 30, 2014

Good Morning, World

Brendan Fehr turned 37 yesterday; I didn't realize he and I were so near in age, I thought he was much younger than me. I never watched Roswell and what gratuitous-glaring I did at that show from its edges was always aimed at Jason Behr, but Brendan was deserving of some stares too. Especially...

... since stumbling upon this 2004 gay movie called Sugar (based on short stories by Bruce La Bruce) yesterday for, uh, obvious reasons. Brendan! I never knew. Plus Brendan was in the original Final Destination, which gives him cool points. But mostly...

... mostly it's this Sugar movie. 
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Bill Carter said...

This is too sad.

Andre Noble, the promising young star of Sugar, died at 25, after accidentally eating a poisonous wild flower while on a camping trip. From what I've read, he was an extraordinarily sweet and sensitive person.

Even though I never met them, the early deaths of beautiful, talented young men like Noble, and River Phoenix, and Jonathan Brandis, seem to hit me hard, possible because I'm still mourning for all the beautiful, talented young men we lost to AIDS.

So much lost potential.

dk468 said...

That's just terrible.

I am not outdoorsy at all ....but this kind of tragedy should not happen ever again:

John Cosby said...

How do you "accidentally" eat a flower? :/

Bill Carter said...

@John Cosby
Perhaps my writing was unclear: "[A]ccidentally" referred to eating a poisonous wild flower, not merely eating a flower. Many people who hike or camp forage, living off the land instead of bringing food w/them.

I found the following note in a beautifully written blog entry on the life and death of Andre Noble:

"Jack Strong, a local horticulturalist, told a Canadian news service that the plant [Monkshood] is quite insidious in its appearance. 'Cases of poisoning have been reported when the leaves were mistaken for wild parsley, or the roots were mistaken for horseradish.'"